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Analogue Atlanta: A conversation with Nikita Gale
March 31, 2010 08:03 AM PDT
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Atlanta's arts scene is exploding. Part of this explosion is a new found fervor in Photography. With recent shows from Neda Abgahri, continued works from Hannibal Matthews, Zach Wolfe and the emergence of Atlanta Celebrates Photography, there has been a complement to the event and nightlife photography of The Midnight Socialite, Lee Starnes and others. But what of new talent in this space? How does one find their voice amongst the clutter of camera phones, digital cams and hobbyists? Analogue Atlanta sat down with Nikita Gale to talk about her work, her struggle and her search for that voice.


Analogue Atlanta: A convesation with Cufrock
March 30, 2010 01:18 PM PDT
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Atlanta has been home to Alternative "Urban" or Urb-Alt music for decades. This episode I speak with Cufrock, formerly of Atlanta-Based Major Label (Virgin/Arista)group El Pus. We talk about the beginnings of his sound, the early 90s Atlanta scene and how his sound graduated into fusion from Hip Hop.

Analogue Atlanta #26: Finding Atlanta
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December 30, 2009 04:41 AM PST
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A conversation with Dillon Maurer & The Dolldaze about their entering and finding footing in the Atlanta music scene.  Dillon Maurer is an MC hailing from Jacksonsville, Florida who arrived in Atlanta after college.  We discuss his new record "Studies in Hunger" as well as his influences and sound.  The Dolldaze is part of what has become an all encompassing term for everything urb-alt and black: "Afro-punk".  She talks about how she came to love music as well as how she is creating her own sound.

Analogue Atlanta's music podcasts featuring Hip Hop is presented in partnership with Dj Skeme.  Check www.dominickbrady.com for archives as I'll be rotating podcasts off of podomatic and onto dominickbrady.com with photos as more every 3 months.

Analogue Atlanta #025: Toeing the Line
December 16, 2009 07:05 AM PST
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Atlanta Afro-Punk quartet Tendaberry stops by the studio to talk about their experience as a group forming and beginning to come into their own in the Atlanta music scene. In this pod we talk at length about the Atlanta Indie Rock scene, the AUC (Morehouse, Clark-Atlanta & Spelman) music and arts scene and about what it means to them being Black punk musicians. We discuss their rubbing shoulders and working with ATL-scene acts like Jaspects, Deep Cotton, Janelle Monae, London, Spree Wilson, Lmarr the Great, Smalleyez & now defunct group The Slack Republik. The interview is a walk through the gritty streets of Atlanta's west end, a re-introduction into the University of Georgia's college-town music scene in Athens and a discussion of what it takes to persevere as musicians toeing the line of soul and punk. For more interviews on Atlanta's literary, art and music scene please check out dominickbrady.com

Music heard in this pod from Atlanta groups:
-Jaspects ft. Janelle Monae
-Small Eyez
-The Slack Republic

Analogue Atlanta #023: Respekt
May 03, 2009 08:44 AM PDT
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Marq Spekt stops by the studio to talk about the Atlanta Hip Hop scene, it’s History and about his work as well as his group Broady Champs’ work. Marq remains an anchoring figure in the Atlanta Hip Hop scene and his works are respected, coveted the world over. Why doesn't the average Atlantan know his name? Do you know Marq Spekt? Get to know him during this episode. ...I'll admit that there was an impromptu verse about Asher Roth called "Kunta Roth" that I lost. Deleted that segment then clicked save after I normalized the volume. Whoops. That was a gem. I feel horrible, but...hey. It's still a great conversation. Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists: Broady Champs Marq Spekt Parental Advisory Ya’ll So Stupid Qualm Scot

Extra Analogue #5 RE: Definition
May 02, 2009 10:20 PM PDT
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I spoke with www.cbrap.com Blogger Andrew Noz about his approach to blogging, his work, and his inclusive approach to Hip Hop history. We talk about how Hip Hop developed Nationally during the 80's and 90's and compare it to the growth of Hip Hop's sound in the Northeast.

Analogue Atlanta #021: Advent
April 24, 2009 04:24 PM PDT
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An MC on the rise out of College Park, Stanza, came stopped by the studio this week. We talk about coming up the hard way out of the Atlanta Underground scene. I also catch up with Atlanta fusion band Jaspects. They're a group aiming to redefine images and concepts in music. Finally, I chat with Atlanta Comedy troupe "The Snackpack"

Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists:

Big Gipp

Analogue Atlanta #020:Our House Pt 2
April 23, 2009 12:12 PM PDT
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Part two in our on-going series on the slow-down and re-emergence of the Atlanta House music scene. In this episode we catch up with Mike Zarin of 4 Deep & 88.5 WRAS (Georgia State University) and DJ Tabone formerly of the Digital DJs, creator of the Raw Soul Series as well as a DJ at 89.3 WRFG in Atlanta stops by the studio to add their thoughts to the series. Dj Variable of the Audubon Society chimes in as well. Part two concentrates on what was at root of the scene-slow down and begins to explore the Resurgence that will be Detailed in Part 3.

Atlanta Music Heard in this pod:

DJ Nabani

Extra Analogue #4: For the Love
April 16, 2009 02:03 AM PDT
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I catch up with Bloggers Kenny & Andres from FreshSelects.net & Classic Drug References. The two each approach music blogging from a different perspective than most: they are fans of music. Bringing a personal touch to their blogging style, they clue blog readers into previously little-known aspects of on-the-cusp or underground artists in Urban music and are able to share TRULY exclusive tracks from your favorite artists.

For links to the artists who created music featured in this podcast go to www.dominickbrady.com

Analogue Atlanta #019: Growth
April 14, 2009 02:38 PM PDT
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I talk with Atlanta author and humorist Andisheh Nouraee about his Creative Loafing "Don't Panic" columns, his upcoming book(s) and his path to writing. I also catch up with Atlanta Native Fewture about his position in limbo as an Atlanta MC with a broad-based approach to his sound. Finally, I speak with Atlanta Band The Goldest about their self-titled EP at their studio during a practice session. 2 free Goldest EP's will be given away at www.dominickbrady.com where you can check in to get photos, links and more...

Music heard in this podcast from Atlanta acts:
- Manchester Orchestra
- Fewture
- The Goldest

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